Ideas On Film

The upcoming films are called “explorations” rather than “documentaries” to highlight our determination to objectively investigate intriguing ideas from a number of different perspectives in order to build a uniquely comprehensive and compelling picture of the key issues involved.

Our experiences with Ideas Roadshow have convinced us that top-level international scholars are, on the whole, a drastically underused resource, as most are very willing to freely offer their views on a wide number of issues so long as they are convinced that the knowledge they provide will not be distorted to support some agenda. This insight, combined with a detailed appreciation of the impact of rapid advances in camera and editing technology, leads to unprecedented opportunities for the creation of a wide range of uniquely engaging, professional-quality, ideas-driven films.

The first exploration will be focused on explicitly harnessing a wide range of expert insights to produce a comprehensive investigation of COVID-19 from a wide variety of illuminating perspectives. For further information please visit the Ideas On Film website.